Terms & Conditions

Patients are requested to arrive at our clinic at least 15 minutes before the booked appointment, to allow adequate time for the treatments. Upon late arrival for the appointment, we hold the right to reduce your treatment time, or if there is insufficient time to go through your treatment, we hold the right to cancel your booking appointment as well.

Products purchased by you are not refundable generally but note that in certain circumstances a return option may apply to a customer’s due to factors beyond our reasonable control.

Certain treatments may not be recommended for people with severe medical conditions. Please let us know at the reception desk in case if you have a severe medical condition that may be significantly affected by treatment. We are not to be held accountable if you fail to inform us about your medical condition from which you may suffer post our treatment.

You are requested to inform us at least 24 hours prior to any booked appointment should you require to cancel or reschedule the appointment. We will surely do our best to reschedule a convenient date for you but cannot guarantee that the new time you demand will be available. If you fail to inform us about such cancellation of a booking atleast 24 hours prior to appointment, or if you do not arrive for your appointment, we hold the right as per our discretion to charge with a reasonable fee if we are unable to fill your scheduled appointment.

Please note that you enter our clinic at your own risk. We should not be held accountable for any severe damage, theft, death, injury, loss or harm that may have occurred while you are in the premises of our salon, other than the harms that occur as a result of our defective equipment’s or products. However, if you are harmed as a direct result of defective products supplied by us to you, we may still not be responsible for such harm when we are unaware that the products could be flawed upon their receipt. Therefore, understandably, we would not be expected to have known that products or equipment were malfunctioning, irrespective of us complying with the manufacturers’/suppliers instructions.

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