Loyalty Card


You can become a member of the program by availing any service at any branch.


10 points for every INR 500 service availed

Points Value

1 point = Re 1
Points Accrual = Points can be accrued on the In-Salon services only. Points are accrued on every services bill value (before taxes).

Points Redemption

Minimum 250 points have to be accrued before your first redemption

Points Validity

The validity of the points is 1 year from the date of issue

Lumi Loyalty Card

Every customer’s motive is to get maximum benefits from services that they take and we at Lumi make sure that our customers are not only satisfied with our services but also with the exclusive facilities that we provide them. One such facility that we have for our clients are Loyalty Cards. Loyalty Cards is a program through which customers at Lumi will get the advantage to avail points on services that can be used for future services. The loyalty cards is a souvenir for the long term relation with our customers as we strive for and want them to come back to us for all the beauty and grooming services.

The Loyalty Card at Lumi can be used for any services for men and women and can be accrued on the In-Salon services only. All you’ve to do is, while getting a makeover at the salon/clinic; ask for the Loyalty Card service and Voila! You are now a member of the program. It’s that easy.

For every INR 500 service that you avail at any lumi salon, you get 10 points and every 1 point is equal to INR 1. Moreover, these points can be availed for beauty/cosmetic services at Lumi.

With all the love and trust that our customers have shown in us, we want to make sure that in return they get the best of everything, from services to discounts. For more information, please contact the reception.

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