The skin and hair treatments, services, facilities received or done at Lumi are intended for standard purposes. We always do a complete consultation with our clients and take every step to ensure your safety for the best possible outcome. While we are confident in our clinical expertise and abilities, sometimes the unexpected may happen. It is difficult for us to ask questions concerning every possible condition that could result in an unsolicited consequence. Therefore, please inform us about previous hair or skin styling history in the last two years or if you have been exposed to chlorine, or have had any medication or diet or anything else that might have affected your skin or hair.

Hair care solutions and skincare treatment along with the equipment we use on your hair and skin can react with any other type of chemicals present in your hair or may not suit your skin. If you have any doubt, please mention it! We obey austere guidelines with regards to the products and equipment we use for skin treatments, hence we cannot foresee every possible situation.

We will do our very best to ensure you leave our premises with beautiful, healthy and satisfactory treatment and services every time you visit our salon.

All our efficient dermatologists and cosmetologists strive to ensure our customer’s satisfaction and happiness. All of them have been added to our team based on their certified experience and knowledge. We do not provide refunds.

Products we offer cannot be returned due to safety concerns.

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